Liuhe International Import and Export Service Integration

Integrated import and export service, including hoisting, loading/unloading, wooden case packaging, logistics and transport, export agency and international trade

About Liuhe

Established in 1992, Liuhe began its business by engaging in hoisting, loading/ unloading and wooden case packaging. Through continuous organizational changes and innovative breakthroughs, we are now committed to international import and export service integration, offering cross-border logistics and transport from point A to point B, and establishing comprehensive services for both buyers and sellers that trade domestically and overseas; these services consist of hoisting, loading/unloading, wooden case packaging, sea and air transportation, customs declaration and inspection, logistics and transport, product insurance, import and export agency, etc. For the transportation of machinery and equipment, precision instruments, semiconductor equipment, heavy equipment, etc., we have been collaborating with a professional project team and offering logistics tracking that make all procedures safe and convenient, while strictly controlling hidden risks for our customers. We are dedicated to accompanying our customers to every corner of the world.

Cost reduction, convenient services and risk transfer.
Reducing import and export costs significantly, keeping track of logistics status at all times, offering one-stop exclusive service, customized packaging and logistics and transport.

Import and export service integration

Liuhe Import and Export Service Integration

ISO 9001 Certification

Buyers & Import

In the past, when importing equipment from overseas, to avoid unnecessary risks, you needed to "pay extra fees" to solve "invisible risks" during the overseas logistics and transport. Now, Liuhe helps you reduce logistics costs incurred from overseas to domestic transportation. For the equipment and products you purchased, we offer customizable packaging methods, logistics and transport to reduce risks, and designate logistics tracking specialists in sea and air transportation to help you keep track of the latest status of your cargo.

Import process

Buyers: Due to the different trading conditions and the potential risks of overseas logistics and transport, most buyers need sellers to offer logistics and transport and transportation insurance.
Sellers: Because of the risks borne by the provision of logistics and transport, it's inevitable for the cost of sales to increase.

Import service integration

Significant reduction of purchase costs
Timely access to the latest logistics situation
Customized packaging and logistics and transport

Sellers & Export

When exporting equipment and products, there are too many "invisible risks and invisible expenses" involved in the process from preliminary customs declaration, hosting, loading and unloading, logistics and transport, sea and air transportation, to product insurance. In the common trading terms like DDP and DDU, the entire process consists of overseas customs clearance inspection, logistics, product insurance, hoisting, loading and unloading, etc., which often leads to an increase in intangible costs. Now, we ask our customers to imagine, "I only need to work on the quality of my equipment and products," and other unknown risks will be borne by us.

Export process (EX Work)

Accurate calculation of cost of sales
Increase in the rate of fixing deals between seller and buyer
No risk of logistics and transport

Export process (FOB, CIF, DDP, DDU)

Do you need import and export integration services?

Project Performance Display

In order to enhance the international competitiveness of all export industry supply chains, Liuhe has continued to carry out cross-border cooperation in Asian regions such as China, Vietnam, Indonesia, and Japan, and established a safe and reliable platform to help your products go global.

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